25 May 2018, Waterford City
A ‘Unifying Data Visualisations Hackathon’ whose aim is to develop visualisations from any combination of the machine-readable datasets published by the Irish Government’s Department of Public Expenditure & Reform

The first ever Irish OpenDatathon

Waterford Institute of Technology are proud to host the first ever Irish OpenDatathon, in May 2018. The aim of the event is to promote the use of open access datasets that have been made available via the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform’s Open Data Unit. Entry is open to all. Teams are encouraged but individual entries are also welcomed. Click any of the ‘register’ buttons on this page to find out more.

Who we are

The Irish OpenDatathon is jointly organised by Waterford Institute of Technology’s Research Support Unit and Library Services team, with sponsorship from the Open Data Engagement Fund managed by the Open Data Unit from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, and also from industry sponsors.

The Irish OpenDatathon is a competition whose winning entry will be published as an open source project in the spirit of openness.


Promoting open data: an EU Perspective

Open data has huge potential for both governments and researchers. In recent years there has been a significant shift towards publishing the activity behind public services and making information available to citizens. Partly to be more transparent with respect to the service being afforded through taxation but also in the spirit of public engagement whereby all and sundry have the capacity to analyse and interpret public data, with the potential to identify beneficial uses thereof and perhaps, innovative observations leading to improvements in the services themselves. Datathons have taken place at an EU level to this effect and the video above provides an insight into the first such event, held in Brussels during November 2017.

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ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre

The original building of WIT’s West Campus development at Carriganore, ArcLabs is home to the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG), which is one of Ireland’s leading research centres. The building also hosts a number of early-stage and established start-up companies within its incubation spaces. It has become a hive for innovation and business development in the Southeast of the country, with some significant success stories emerging from within. As such, it is a perfect location for the first Irish OpenDatathon to take place – amidst the blend of  a calming riverside forest, Waterford’s iconic greenway, and the epicentre of advanced research and idea generation.

Resources for Participants


Registration is open to all team and individual entries. Applications must be made before 1700h (BST) on 04 May 2018             

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Open Datasets

Over 6000 open datasets are published via the Open Data Unit’s portal most of which have machine readable content                    

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Technology Advice

Applicants are free to use any technology of their choice to implement their solution, including infographics and spreadsheets

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“It gives me great pleasure to welcome the first ever Irish OpenDatathon to Waterford Institute of Technology. Embracing open data is one of the many exciting, modern developments that puts citizens firmly in touch with public process and services.”
prof Willie Donnelly, President, waterford institute of technology

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