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Basic Details

The Irish OpenDatathon is a ‘Unifying Data Visualisations Hackathon’ taking place in Waterford City during October 2018. Its aim is to develop visualisations of any combination of the machine-readable datasets published by the Government.
Participants will be required beforehand to synthesise two or more different datasets from the National Open Data Portal into a visualisation that could provide a new insight or expose a new correlation.

on the day

How does it work?

The datathon will be a one-day event and on that day the successful entries will be judged. However, the ideas can be developed during the period leading up to the datathon itself, with time on the day allocated to presentations and demonstration of the submissions. At the end of the one-day event, each idea will be placed in a public repository where the developers will be given the opportunity to further develop the idea. The resultant work will be made availble to the public via a GitHub repository, under a permissive open source licence, allowing the code to be freely accessed, adapted, and used by all.

Participants may borrow and be influenced by ideas from Open Knowledge Ireland who have many examples of using open data from Irish sources.


Winners will receive…

The Irish OpenDatathon offers a substantial first prize to the best idea as judged on the day of the event. This year’s top prize is €1500. In addition to the overall winner of the event, all participants will have their projects showcased in the event’s GitHub repository where they can be downloaded by the public and enjoyed by a wider audience of interest parties, giving developers the recognition they deserve for their efforts.


Primary Aspects of the Event

Open Competition

Anybody over the age of 16 who wishes to enter as an individual or as a team, is welcome to do so – there is no entry fee

Attractive Prizes

A first prize worth €1,500 awaits the winner of the competition.  there will be runner-up prizes also, details of which will be announced soon

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers on the day from respected leaders in the IT and data domains – a full lineup will be published shortly

Open Data Learning

Create new unique insights and make new discoveries based on open data.

Networking Opportunity

Meet like-minded peers and other participants, from different walks of life, to exchange ideas, examine developments submitted to the competition and make new contacts

Opensource Outputs

Your submission will become an open source output that will live on in the event’s GitHub repository – your stamp on the open data domain and contribution to furthering its usage

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